Case Study: In-Flight Communications Provider

The Case Study:

The Challenge
Our client, a leading provider of in-flight information products and services, contacted us for help in developing and growing their business. The company had been in operation for over 13 years and had grown quite substantially on a single product and niche market alone with no competition. Eventually, the market became saturated and sales were negatively impacted. With growth starting to slow, our client needed a clear and commonly-held strategic vision and plan to help drive the company through the next stage of growth.

The Solution
To move the company from a single product-driven focus to a more market focused orientation, we designed and facilitated their strategic planning process, and then implemented that process with them over a number of years. We built a process for re-defining their vision of the business and developing an executable plan to get the company back to a solid growth path. To effectively integrate the executive team into the new vision, we worked with the President of the company to assess the talent of the team and reorganize the staff. With the new management team in place, we facilitated their strategic planning sessions to help them effectively resolve issues and work together to get the process moving.

The Results
After a year from when the new plan was first developed, the company successfully introduced a new product into the market. This new strategic plan helped turn sales around and built a solid growth path for the company. To further increase market penetration, JBK then helped with the integration plan for the company to be acquired by a global aviation electronics supplier.

“Jack is the best facilitator – 1st class all the way. I would recommend Jack to anyone. He is an excellent communicator and understands and sees the dynamics of how people and organizations work. Jack has a tremendous way of bringing things out in people and getting them to work together more effectively. On the business side, his strategic perspective helped guide us all the way from the initial strategic plan that turned our company around to the acquisition and integration with the new company. Our investment banking firm stated that the integration plan that we developed in preparation for an acquisition was the best that they had seen. Jack has always been right on the money.”

President of In-flight Communications Provider