Case Study: Security Software Provider

The Case Study:
The Challenge
One of the largest e-security firms contacted us to help them move from transactional-based selling to an enterprise-level approach. The company “grew up” selling security tokens, a business where they had the majority market share and had matured and grown to become a more transactional sale. They developed a collection of new products, authentication and web-access, that required a sales force with enterprise level skill sets – a more complex and sophisticated sales effort and a longer sales cycle.
The Solution
At JBK, we developed and implemented a new Opportunity Management process for the organization to qualify and execute on more complex selling campaigns. The process helped to deliver the skill sets needed to sell effectively at the enterprise level – prioritize top accounts, communicate and discuss sales strategies, and align the right marketing messages with the new sales objectives. We formally introduced the process in a series of sales conference presentations. We delivered a series of workshops worldwide to implement the process within the organization. To ensure the implementation took hold and became common practice in the organization, we involved senior leadership in understanding and supporting the process, and first and second line management in coaching the process. We also involved the product marketing organization in producing product training and documentation that supported the kinds of higher level calling that these new enterprise products required.
The Results
Today, the process is used throughout the world by our client, who continues to maintain and even enhance the process. The organization attributes a higher win-ratio for those key sales campaigns that go through the process, and field managers now have a common language and a common process for managing the strategic business opportunities that are most critical.

“Our company has benefited enormously from applying JBK’s methods within our sales and marketing forces. We have become more aware of the sales process and are better able to prioritize our top accounts, communicate and discuss account strategy, and align marketing messaging with sales objectives and target markets. Best of all we have closed more business as a result of the rigorous application of JBK’s methodology. JBK has been instrumental in shaping our sales training approach and delivering it throughout the U.S. and Europe. Their courses have been given the highest marks by the vast majority of our participants and most importantly, our management.”

Vice President of Sales and Professional Services