The content of the programs with which we work has been tested by some of the most demanding companies on the planet, and has proven relevant and successful for tens of thousands of sales and marketing professionals. Most of our content is developed and owned by JBK; some we deliver in partnership with organizations that bring domain specific content-expertise to our best-of-breed set of offerings.

TRACOM developed the Social Style technology, a unique training solution that provides sales professionals with insight into behavioral patterns that affect every step of the sales process. TRACOM Social Style profiles are used daily throughout the world to provide feedback to people about their versatility and comfort zones.

Together with our partners, we offer a comprehensive set of learning solutions – each of which is tailored and customized to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Working with subject matter experts within your own organization, we translate program content into learning experiences that are relevant to the current business challenges, responsive to your requirements, and rewarding in terms of their revenue return.

These programs are then implemented by our experienced teams of Session Leaders and Session Executives.

We invite you to review our generic program content in more detail.