Confront Collaboratively™

Countless hours are spent dealing with unproductive tensions and conflict in the workplace. There is a ripple effect throughout the organization as project teams, customers, work groups, and individuals try to deal with the conflict. Time is wasted, decisions are not made, miscommunication occurs, and action items are not taken. Clearly, conflict affects the bottom line results of the organization.

Whether or not you believe that conflict is productive, everyone agrees that it is ever-present in today’s fast-paced organizations.

Confront Collaboratively™: Managing Conflict for Mutual Gain takes the position that conflict can be managed and resolved by understanding the source of the conflict and by consciously choosing your approach. And, when the issue and working relationship are critically important to your job, collaboration skills are the best way to turn confrontation into cooperation.

Upon completion of the Confront Collaboratively program, sales professionals
will be able to:

  • Communicate more effectively with colleagues, direct reports, management, customers, and other business partners
  • Understand how conflict forms and be able to choose an approach to effectively manage the conflict
  • Resist relationship damaging tendencies in conflict situations
  • Be more willing to proactively address conflict situations
  • Be able to resolve conflict through collaboration when the outcome and the relationship are of high importance
  • Develop skills that are applicable both inside and outside of the workplace

For more information, download a of our Confront Collaboratively program fact sheet or contact us directly.