Social Style™: Managing Interpersonal Relationships with Style

Knowing how to communicate effectively in your day-to-day interactions with others is the key to increasing your ability to achieve personal and organizational success.

Social Style™: Managing Interpersonal Relationships with Style addresses the business issue of improving results through better communications and more productive relationships within the organization.

You will learn how to identify ways behavioral differences are currently helping or hindering your performance and the benefits that can occur from managing your relationships more appropriately. It uses the Social Style Model™ to provide you with detailed feedback and valuable insight on how to build upon your interpersonal strengths and weaknesses and target areas for growth. Ultimately, you will increase your own effectiveness and the effectiveness of your team.

Upon completion of the Social Style: Managing Interpersonal Relationships with Style program, managers, supervisors, and individual contributors will be able to:

  • Understand their Social Style strengths and weaknesses that will allow them to work more effectively with others through personalized feedback
  • Learn how each individual reacts differently to various levels of tension and the importance of tension management in creating an environment that allows them to be more productive Learn the importance of managing the tension of others to increase productivity
  • Implement specific steps to help increase social endorsement from others; having a positive impact on relationships
  • Know how to quickly identify the Social Styles of others on whom they depend on for your success
  • Understand the importance of moving beyond the mindset that individual differences create barriers to productivity to the recognition that diversity should be valued and embraced for individual and corporate effectiveness
  • Learn strategies for “breaking” down communication barriers that prohibit maximum performance
  • Receive Versatility feedback and come to understand how their behavior is perceived by others
  • Learn ways to minimize the negative impact of tension in relationships

By the end of the program, sales professionals will learn the steps they must take so that they can apply what they learned to their daily interactions with customers and prospects. Plus, develop and test action plans for making current relationships more productive.

For more information, download a of our Social Style: Managing Interpersonal Relationships with Style program fact sheet or contact us directly.

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