Account Advantage Beyond the Product™

Your most strategic account relationships demand more people, more resources, more time, more flexibility and more focus.

This incremental expense demands an extraordinary return. In order to generate that return, your organization – not just your salespeople – needs to think, plan, and act differently in these critical accounts.

Account Advantage Beyond Product™ (AABP) workshop focuses the energy and insights of your best people for two days on your most important accounts. During this working session, your account team will:

  • Establish a baseline of what success in the account looks like both to your customer and to your company
  • Develop insights into the customer business plans, priorities, and projects that represent your own best opportunities to deliver the most value
  • Better understand your own customers’ strategies at the enterprise, BU, and product-level, and then use that understanding to differentiate.
  • Identify new revenue streams to supplement your run rate business by better understanding the customer’s business and anticipating future requirements
  • Develop relationship strategies designed to establish influential relationships with those in the account who can truly drive your success
  • Develop insights into those areas that would provide unexpected and highly differentiated value for your customer with their customers
  • Prioritize and allocate account team resources effectively to ensure comprehensive coverage of the accounts
  • Improve account team internal and external coordination
  • Have learned a repeatable process to apply to other accounts
  • Produce an executable plan to identify, plan and prioritize resources and develop strategies to drive your company’s engagement with the account over the next few periods

The AABP structure is tailored to your customer types and your business needs. Not a generic, dust-gathering binder on a shelf, the AABP plan is a semi-custom process that provides your team a simple and clear image of the projects with the highest mutual value to both organizations, the activities with the most leverage and the people most critical to your success.

Account Advantage Beyond Product ™ is a next-generation enterprise-level, account planning process. Designed to be more readily executed as common practice in the field, the working session is short, slim, and simple.

Account Advantage Beyond Product ™ provides sales professionals with a proven, repeatable process for identifying the right activity to drive extraordinary results from your most highly valued accounts.

By the end of the working session, each account will have a clear, simple, and executable plan for maximizing the return from the enterprise selling effort. For more information, download a of our Account Advantage Beyond Product™ program fact sheet or contact us directly.