Making Service Work™

Research for years has demonstrated a strong relationship between customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat purchase probability. It is well understood now that the cost of acquiring a new customer greatly exceeds that of retaining an existing customer.

What fuels customer satisfaction is authentic listening to your customers and executing flawlessly on your commitments. Adaptability, resilience, speed, and the ability to learn quickly to achieve business results will be critical to your company, your customers, and your service provider’s success.

Making Service Work™ gives your service providers tools to control the quality and outcomes of their customer engagements. It shows your service providers how to identify and satisfy a variety of different customer types in a variety of customer conditions – from normal, to disappointed to disruptive. It helps service providers identify and balance their multiple roles of providing technical, business, and human services to their customers. Making Service Work is business, customer, and results focused – making a measurable impact immediately on your organization’s approach to creating and retaining the right kind of customers for life.

Upon completion of the Making Service Work program, service providers will be able to:

  • Understand the bottom line impact of high quality customer service and the relationship between customer loyalty, customer retention, and high quality service
  • Build customer loyalty by understanding customer values and expectations and how to provide them throughout the ecosystem
  • Handle the ‘hot’ or difficult customer interaction
  • Gain greater job satisfaction and reduce stress by learning to affect their behavior and choose their attitude Learn to create innovative solutions for mutual gain – providing win-win options
  • Leverage customer satisfaction with existing customers and gain new customers through referrals

For more information, download a pdficon_small of our Making Service Work program fact sheet or contact us directly.