SABP Field Opportunity Review™

It’s not what you know about the Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™ (SABP) process that will make a difference. It’s what you and your organization do with the process that will impact win ratios and sales revenue.

Implementing our Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™: Field Opportunity Review enables sales professionals to focus on their most strategic opportunities and enhance the sales effort to ensure the lasting adoption of the SABP skills and processes. Sales teams – along with their managers – will learn how to systematically analyze high-yield, high-risk sales opportunities for maximum competitive advantage – defeating the competition and winning the business.

These working sessions are led by our most experienced, senior consultants who deliver the Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™ workshops. Where possible, we will assign the session leader who has been involved in teaching the Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™ process to your sales teams.

The Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™: Field Opportunity Review will reinforce the application of the skills and processes learned in the program and provide an immediate return on investment in terms of improved sales plans. The review session focuses on specific, strategic opportunities. The following is a summary of the session process:

  • Opportunity Assessment – test and challenge the sales opportunity
  • Sales Objective – examine the sales objective in terms of size, timeframe, and appropriateness of the solution
  • Value Articulation – review business outcomes to ensure the sales team is fluent in articulating the value of the solution to the different customer levels
  • Competitive Strategy – test and challenge the competitive landscape
  • Action Plans – identify the key individuals and the appropriate value positioning for individuals of rank and influence
  • Political Penetration – give feedback on strategies and tactics for gaining access to key decision-makers
  • Tactical Review – test and critique tactics in plan
  • Management Participation – coach sales management to support the process for future opportunities

Upon completion of the Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™: Field Opportunity Review, sales managers and professionals will be able to:

  • Clarify the competitive position in the selected high-yield, high-risk opportunity
  • Develop a clear, competitively-advantaged sales strategy, a competitive counter-strategy, and a set of support tactics for the opportunities reviewed
  • Improve the alignment and impact of the plan
  • Obtain the organization’s support for resourcing the improved sales plan

For more information, download a pdficon_small of our SABP: Field Opportunity Review fact sheet or contact us directly.