Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™

Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™ imageProduct superiority and competitive pricing are not enough to guarantee sales excellence in today’s environment. Learn how to fully exploit your competitive advantage, increase your win rates while lowering the cost of sales, and identify and target the real decision makers with the Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™ workshop.

Through our experience, we have found that many organizations lack a simple, clearly defined and replicable sales process.

Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™ is a next-generation opportunity management process. Designed to be more easily adopted as common practice in the field, the program is shorter, the process is simpler and the tool is slimmer.

Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™ provides sales professionals with a proven, repeatable process for managing high value, complex sales campaigns. The program focuses on enhancing the sales professional’s role as strategist, politician, and team leader by integrating the process into the entire customer-facing organization.

Upon completion of the Selling Advantage Beyond the Product™ program, sales professionals will be able to:

  • Qualify the opportunity at any point in the sales process, using a structured approach and common terminology that facilitates communication throughout the organization
  • Analyze the customer’s political organization to identify and align with the right decision-makers
  • Construct a political strategy aimed at establishing credibility and value with the most powerful people in the account
  • Design tactical call plans to influence the positions of decision makers
  • Understand how to select and execute specific, competitively-referenced sales strategies in an active sales campaign
  • Develop, test, and refine simple sales plans for live, current opportunities, creating immediate and measurable results
  • Understand how to raise the customer’s visibility into and value perception of all the different elements of the offering
  • Leverage a successful commitment into future business within the account and with other customers

By the end of the program, each participant will have an improved, tested sales plan ready for execution.

For more information, download a pdficon_small of our Selling Advantage Beyond the Product program fact sheet or contact us directly.