Selling Beyond the Product™

What distinguishes consistently high performing sales professionals in your organization? Their customers will tell you that it is their personal value, their business value, their political value, and their technical value that establishes them as an influential, trusted advisor. Selling Beyond the Product™ is a hands-on workshop experience in which participants actively learn the foundations of a value-added, solutions selling process. SBP is a learning experience that helps sales professionals learn to develop credibility through their due diligence and influence through their discovery process differentiating themselves by the way they do business.

How does a sales professional truly add value? By deciding to take that stance in all their interactions with their customers. By understanding what value is to this customer – in all its forms. By focusing their discovery on the customer’s full implementation of a solution – not just on the product they want the customer to buy. And by understanding that adding that value helps to create a relationship characterized by two things – trust and influence.

OUTCOMES Upon completion of Selling Beyond the Product, sales professionals will be able to:

  • Use new skills and techniques for developing stronger, more trusted relationships with customers
  • Understand the relationship between due diligence and the early credibility that can be established
  • Connect more efficiently with the issues and individuals of importance in the customer account Improve discovery questioning types and techniques
  • Focus the discovery process on guiding the customer to consider different elements of their situation for which there are solutions
  • Be able to apply a structured framework that will drive insightful, comprehensive discovery across all the different domains of the customer’s situation
  • Use an insightful Discovery Summary as the basis for presenting a solution
  • Understand how to raise the customer’s visibility into and value perception of all the different elements of the offering
  • Leverage a successful commitment into future business within the account and with other customers

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