Social Style: Versatility Beyond the Product

Why are good sales professionals consistently successful with some people and not with others? Sales professionals with high versatility – those who can adapt their selling style to the buying needs and preferences of their customers – consistently have much stronger, more influential and often longer-term relationships with their customers. Social Style: Versatility Beyond the Product™ is a unique training solution that provides sales professionals with insight into behavioral patterns that affect every step of the sales process. By learning about their behaviors, as well as how to recognize these patterns in customers, sales professionals can modify their approach and process and adapt their behavior to sell the way the customer likes to buy. This program teaches interpersonal versatility that enables sales professionals to foster trust, increase influence, and ultimately drive more business. OUTCOMES Upon completion of Social Style: Versatility Beyond the Product, sales professionals will be able to:

  • Understand how they are perceived by their customers, and compare that perception with their own self-perception through personalized feedback
  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses in terms of the impact on their ability to understand and influence others, both internal support staff and customers
  • Quickly assess the Social Styles of customers, partners, managers, support personnel, and others
  • Understand how different kinds of customers react differently to various levels of tension and how to manage that tension to create a productive selling environment
  • Understand how to make temporary adjustments in their behavior – assertiveness and responsiveness – in order to better meet the needs of other individuals important to their success
  • Learn style-based techniques for avoiding, managing, and minimizing tension in a sales relationship
  • Identify elements of the four sources of social endorsement that drives the perception of their versatility
  • Implement strategies for optimizing their understanding of and influence on each of the four Social Styles, at each of the different stages of the sales and buying process

By the end of the program, sales professionals will learn the steps they must take so that they can apply what they learned to their daily interactions with customers and prospects. For more information, download a pdficon_small of our Social Style: Versatility Beyond the Product fact sheet or Selling Beyond the Product™ and Social Style® Whitepaper or contact us directly.

Sending an Effective Email to the Expressive Style Person

Expressive Style people can be impatient, so get to the point quickly in your emails. Be clear about your message and what you want to accomplish, and don’t provide too many details. Keep the message brief and don’t include extraneous information. If possible, provide some motivation for the person to act on your message. These individuals look for personal connections, so it’s okay to include personal remarks and to be humorous when appropriate.