Sales GPS: Predictive Sales Analytics

What is Sales GPS?

Sales GPS rapidly identifies the winning characteristics of your top performing sales reps, most likely deals to close, and your best target accounts and then provides practical coaching guidance to help more of your sales reps meet or exceed quota.

Sales GPS is an action recommendation tool to help sales representatives predictably meet their quota. It’s a comprehensive solution that provides step-by-step practical recommendations throughout the entire sales process, helping answer questions such as:

Account Coaching

  • Which prospects to pursue?
  • Which products to sell?
  • Which contacts to connect with?
  • Which partner to sell with?
  • What price to sell for?
  • Which pitch to use?

Deal Coaching

  • Which deals are risky?
  • What are the deal risks?
  • What are the deal’s next steps?
  • Which people to involve?
  • Which proposal content to use?
  • Are there similar deals sold recently?

Performance Coaching

  • Which reps will not meet quota?
  • What are the performance risks?
  • Which training to take?
  • What are the best practices?
  • Which behavior and skills to develop?
  • Which mentors to consult?

How does Sales GPS work?

You already know sales analytics can help your team perform. Sales GPS goes further by turning that data into a clear path forward.

A proprietary Sales DNA tool analyzes over 300 variables from multiple sources of data both internal and external, using advanced machine algorithms to determine the drivers of rep, deal and account success.

We use the data that you already have in your system about the deals that have closed, and about the specifics of what your top performing reps are doing. That data is collected daily in a download, without needing to plug into your systems or access the data directly.

We complement this data with deep qualitative inputs from the field via custom surveys. The output of the tool helps your sales teams know what to do, when, and what specific steps to take to progress the deal.

Sales GPS takes 10-12 weeks to set up. The process starts with a comprehensive data analysis using our Sales DNA analysis tool. Then we configure the sales recommendation engine and set up the recommendation delivery channels, including a mobile app, weekly coaching emails, and comprehensive coaching kits for managers and coaches.

Without bias and with less guesswork you’ll have increased productivity and results.

For more information, download a  of our Sales GPS program brochure or contact us directly.