Getting Past Yes™

Everyone negotiates on a daily basis whether negotiating short term, day-to-day issues or long term, complex issues and goals. The very best negotiators know that negotiating well involves a conscious methodology that typically takes years to develop.

Getting Past Yes™ helps sales professionals not only gain a “Yes” from their negotiating partner, but to get a strong, solid decision that is sustainable by both sides well past the initial decision. And, how do you gain such agreements? By using a repertoire of skills and concepts used by the most successful negotiators to gain agreement on the substantive issues and, at a minimum, maintain the relationship and possibly enhance it. And, these skills do not require the other side to be an effective negotiator. By using this methodology, your teams will have their best chance at turning an adversarial situation into a problem solving negotiation.


Upon completion of the Getting Past Yes program, sales professionals
will be able to:

  • Be a more successful negotiator both in short term, day-to-day negotiations and longer term, complex ones
  • Communicate more effectively with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and other business partners
  • Reach satisfying, sound agreements that are good for themselves, their department, and company where the relationship is maintained and possibly improved
  • Prepare for an actual on the job negotiation
  • Be better able to deal successfully with the aggressive ”hardball” negotiator
  • Develop skills that are applicable to work and life

For more information, download a of our Getting Past Yes program fact sheet or contact us directly.