Presenting Beyond the Product™

There are more than 33 million formal presentations per year.  70% are attended by management and executive level people.   49% say the presentations they attend are a complete  waste of time.” Compelling sales presentations will differentiate you from the competition and make the difference between success and failure – between a worthwhile discussion that advances the sale, or a waste of everyone’s time.

A compelling sales presentation is deliberately designed and professionally presented, not just downloaded and delivered. To credibly compel a group of people towards decisions and actions however, requires both content design skills and professional skills. Beginning with a careful audience analysis, a compelling presentation is designed with the intended audience outcome clearly in focus, clearly articulating the decisions and actions that it is designed to produce. The conclusions that your audience must reach are carefully considered, and the positions, stories and evidence needed to help them reach those conclusions are then crafted. Presentation skills are well known but are remarkably difficult to learn on one’s own, as many of the behaviors involved are of the unconscious variety.

During the Presenting Beyond the Product™ workshop, each of the small number of participants will have 4 opportunities to present, be videotaped, and then receive personalized, behavior-specific feedback on their presentations. With Presenting Beyond the Product, you will become more credible and more compelling in your content development and more influential with your audience. OUTCOMES Upon completion of the Presenting Beyond the Product program, sales or technical professionals will be able to:

  • Understand how to construct a compelling, outcome-oriented sales or technical presentation Refine delivery skills and focus on improvement
  • Learn how to effectively plan the “logic” of your presentation argument Improve your ability to handle tough questions or competitor’s “traps”
  • Learn to manage minimal amounts of media in ways that bring focus to your arguments
  • Develop more credible presentation behaviors Receive personalized feedback on video-taped presentations
  • Utilize a tool for planning the logic and flow of your presentation
  • Enhance presentations through effective use of visual aids

For more information, download a pdficon_small of our Presenting Beyond the Product program fact sheet or contact us directly.